Saturday, May 2 / 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM   •   Elevation

Session 193:
Aging and Health Care in Low and Middle Income Countries

Discussant: Solveig Argeseanu Cunningham, Emory University
Chair: Carrie Henning-Smith, University of Minnesota

  1. Social Positioning of the Elderly over Time in Rural South Africa: Change or Stability?Sangeetha Madhavan, University of Maryland ; Enid Schatz, University of Missouri, Columbia ; Mark Collinson, University of the Witwatersrand

  2. The Determinants of Health Care Utilization among the Elderly in a Rural Community in Northern NigeriaIbitoye O. Grace, Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund ; Olutobi A. Sanuade, University of Ghana ; Olusola Ayeni, University of Ibadan

  3. Demographic, Economic and Social Challenges of the Ageing Population in CameroonKelodjoue Samuel, University of Dschang

  4. The Burden of Diabetes and HIV among Older Adults in Agincourt, South AfricaLivia Montana, Harvard University ; Jennifer Manne, Harvard University ; Sze Liu, Harvard University

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