Thursday, April 30 / 2:45 PM - 4:15 PM   •   Sapphire Ballroom E

Session 67:
Spatial Analysis of Population and Environment

Chair: John R. Weeks, San Diego State University
Discussant: David Lopez-Carr, University of California, Santa Barbara

  1. Predictive Analysis of Socio-Spatial Disparities of Childhood Diarrhea in Yaoundé (Cameroon)Antoine Banza-Nsungu, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

  2. Place and Child Health: The Interaction of Population Density and Sanitation in Developing CountriesDiane Coffey, Princeton University ; Payal Hathi, Research Institute for Compassionate Economics (r.i.c.e.) ; Sabrina Haque, World Bank Group ; Lovey Pant, Research Institute for Compassionate Economics (r.i.c.e.) ; Dean Spears, Delhi School of Economics

  3. Environmental Justice for All: Assessing Cumulative Impacts to Understand the Relationship between Environmental Burden, Social Vulnerability and DiseaseKristin Osiecki, Rice University ; Justin T. Denney, Rice University

  4. Harmonized Census Geography and Spatio-Temporal Analysis: Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women in AfricaSula Sarkar, University of Minnesota ; Lara Cleveland, University of Minnesota ; Majory K. Silisyene, University of Minnesota ; Matthew Sobek, University of Minnesota

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