Friday, May 1 / 2:45 PM - 4:15 PM   •   Aqua 314

Session 174:
Trends in Gender Inequality in the United States

Discussant: Kei Nomaguchi, Bowling Green State University
Chair: Siwei Cheng, University of Michigan

  1. Trends in Relative Earnings and Marital Dissolution: Are Wives Who Outearn Their Husbands Still More Likely to Divorce?Christine R. Schwartz, University of Wisconsin-Madison ; Pilar Gonalons Pons, University of Wisconsin-Madison ; Christopher McKelvey, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  2. Micro- and Macro-Level Dynamics in Gender Attitudes in 1977-2012: An Age-Period-Cohort AnalysisXiaoling Shu, University of California, Davis ; Kealsey Meagher, University of California, Davis

  3. The Cohort Trends of Family Size and the Rise of Female Advantages: Examining the Relationship between Family Resources and College EnrollmentI-Chien Chen, Michigan State University ; Barbara Schneider, University of Chicago ; Ken Frank, Michigan State University

  4. Changes in the Motherhood Penalty in the U.S., 1970-2010Marta Murray-Close, University of Massachusetts at Amherst ; Joya Misra, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

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