Friday, May 1 / 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM   •   Sapphire 411 A

Session 138:
Grandparents, Residence, Health and Happiness

Chair: Enid Schatz, University of Missouri, Columbia
Discussant: Gillian Ice, Ohio University

  1. Cohabiting with Children: Happiness and Social Roles of Older South AfricansMargaret L. Ralston, Mississippi State University

  2. Grandchildren’s Relationship with Grandparents and Well-Being after Parental DivorceMaaike Jappens, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

  3. Who Is Supporting Whom? Racial and Ethnic Differences in Intergenerational Coresidence and Financial Flows within Older Coresidential HouseholdsJoan R. Kahn, University of Maryland ; Fran Goldscheider, University of Maryland and Brown University ; Javier Garcia-Manglano, University of Oxford

  4. The Double Burden for Grandmothers in a High Fertility Setting: Does the Combination of Work and Family Responsibilities Affect Health?Feinian Chen, University of Maryland ; Luoman Bao, University of Maryland ; Zachary Zimmer, University of California, San Francisco ; Socorro A. Gultiano, University of San Carlos

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