Friday, May 1 / 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM   •   Aqua Salon AB

Session 130:
Cumulative Disadvantage and Health: Changes over Time?

Chair: Lisa Berkman, Harvard University
Discussant: Philipp Hessel, Harvard University

  1. Has the Socioeconomic Gradient in Child Health Evolved over Birth Cohorts?Edward Berchick, Princeton University

  2. Is Low Educated Women’s Health Worsening Faster than Other Educational Groups? Results from Catalonia (Spain)Aïda Solé-Auró, Universitat Pompeu Fabra ; Manuela Alcañiz, Universitat de Barcelona

  3. Anomaly in the Education-Health Gradient: The Health Penalty for College NoncompletersAnna Zajacova, University of Wyoming ; Vicki Johnson-Lawrence, University of Michigan

  4. Mortality Trends by Education in the United States and Europe: Is the U.S. Lagging Behind?Karen van Hedel, Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam ; Frank Van Lenthe, Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam ; Johan P. Mackenbach, Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam

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