Friday, May 1 / 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM   •   Sapphire Ballroom H

Session 107:
Spatial Dimensions of Residential Segregation

Discussant: Michael J. White, Brown University
Chair: John R. Logan, Brown University

  1. Measuring Cities' Neighborhood Demographic Change as the Movement of Emergent BoundariesJonathan Tannen, Princeton University

  2. Spatial Boundaries and the Local Context of Residential InequalityElizabeth Roberto, Yale University

  3. Socioeconomic Segregation of Activity Spaces in Urban Neighborhoods: Does Shared Residence Mean Shared Routines?Christopher Browning, Ohio State University ; Catherine Calder, Ohio State University ; Lauren J. Krivo, Rutgers University ; Anna Mohr, Ohio State University ; Bethany Boettner, Ohio State University

  4. Segregation within Integration: Exploring Micro-Level Segregation in Seattleā€™s Integrated Tracts Using Spatial and Qualitative AnalysisRyan Gabriel, University of Washington ; Timothy Thomas, University of Washington

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